The Complete Music Learning Experience

The Studio

JD Music Services’ Studio is conveniently located on Oxen Road in the centre of the beautiful Georgian town of Crewkerne, South Somerset.

The studio is well equipped to meet the needs of each pupil and comprises of 3 areas: The main piano room, the organ room and the sitting room.

The main piano teaching room has a Pinkham upright piano which has been custom made for concert pianist Jonathan Delbridge using the very highest quality materials. You can read more about Pinkham pianos at In addition, the studio also contains a Casio digital piano enabling Jonathan to demonstrate music to pupils without them having to move from the piano stool. The digital piano can be connected to a computer to record rehearsal tracks and for arranging music.

The organ teaching room has a Viscount Jubileaum digital organ which closely resembles a real pipe organ. It has two manuals and a full concave radiating pedal board. There are 5 pedal stops and 7 stops on both the great and swell with the usual couplers and swell pedal.

The sitting room is the perfect space for parents/carers to sit and relax with a hot drink and a magazine whilst lessons are taking place. The larger table in this room is also useful for pupils to use when working on music theory exercises.